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Information Security Policy

The Objective of managing information security is to ensure that its core Business operation should continue without any disruption.

Inside Home Commit to protect its information assets from all threats in order to maintain the confidentiality of information with relying upon the authenticity of the Information and ensure availability of information which is comply with Legal, Statutory, Regulatory & Contractual obligations & ensure continual improvements towards the organizational robust Information Security Management System.


Information Security Translates to preservation of the following Goals:

Confidentiality- Assured that Information is accessible only to those who are authorized to have access.

Authenticity- Assured of the Complete and Accurate information and its processing

Availability- Assured that authorized users have access to the information Assets as & when required. This is ensured by regular maintenance, updated and monitored operating system etc. with other Information security measures.


Inside Home Shall-

  1. Develop & Implement an Information Security Management Systems to protect Organizational information system from various internal & external Threats.
  2. Commit to Comply with Regulatory, Legal & Business Requirements
  3. Ensure Confidentiality, Authenticity and Availability of Information Assets.
  4. Communicate all pertinent security policy to the interested parties as applicable.
  5. Provide appropriate access Controls for protection against unauthorized access adaptability.
  6. Ensure that identified Risk are mitigated through adequate control mechanism.

Inside Home Information Security Policy is designed to provide a Risk management  Framework for Protecting the Information Assets and it applies to all the Technicians & Service Provides.

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